Annual Super Conference on Chiropractic & Pediatrics

November 12-14, 2021  •  Hyatt Grand Cypress - Orlando, Florida

Tracy Barnes, DC, DICCP, CKTI

Dr. Tracy Barnes is a 1992 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College West and completed her DICCP in 1996. She maintains a full-time family practice in Louisville, KY; teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Advanced Massage Therapeutics and travels extensively teaching the Kinesio Taping Method. She’s taught for the ICA Pediatric Council on a variety of topics including Adolescent Health Care and Advanced Case Management. She’s passionate about her volunteer work for kids with cancer and their families which she’s done for over 25 years. She’s also a Board member for the Friends of Prospect Parks and the River City Paddlesports. In June she captained a 30-ft Voyager canoe on the Ohio River for over 200 miles in nine days and helped to create a digital guide to the Ohio River Recreation Trail.

Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC, DABCI

Since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2002, Dr. Bhogal has been active in both education and private practice. He currently holds the rank of Professor and is the current Chair of Technique at Life Chiropractic College West. His diverse academic and curricular focus revolves around Upper Cervical technique (Toggle Recoil), Subluxation Analysis, and neuromuscular skeletal diagnosis. Dr. Bhogal is extremely active with student leadership organizations and is well recognized for his excellence in educational instruction. His focus in practice is complex case management with an emphasis on educating the patient on “thoughts, traumas, and toxins”. He works, in large part, with patients who are frustrated with ‘complex diagnoses’ and empowers them to heal with chiropractic and with placing a powerful emphasis on wellness and lifestyle management.

Dr. Bhogal is published in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics having researched the use of force transducers to measure Toggle Recoil type thrusts. He also was published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics for his work with the Gut-Brain Axis and Autism related disorders in children. He is a peer reviewer for subluxation based chiropractic journals and often speaks at conferences and symposia promoting and celebrating the art, science, and philosophy of our great profession.

In 2010 he and his wife established Peak Potential Outreach, an international non-profit organization committed to bringing healthcare to the globally underprivileged. In collaboration with Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, they lead chiro-centric health care teams to underserved populations around the world. In his spare time, he enjoys working on cars and traveling.

Kathryn Cantwell, DC, DICCP, CSP, CSCP

With a lifelong interest in holistic medicine, Kathy Cantwell knew from an early age that helping patients achieve their optimal health was her calling. To that end, she obtained her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, OR, before establishing a multi-disciplinary clinic in the Chicago suburbs that she successfully operated for over 2 decades. Over the years, Dr. Kathy has helped thousands of patients avoid back and neck surgery through diversified full spine adjusting and cranial adjusting.

Other certifications and special interests include:

  • Pregnancy and neonatal care
  • Pediatric Diplomate since 1996
  • Webster certified
  • Concussions and sports injuries
  • Certified SOT practitioner
  • Certified Cranial SOT practitioner
  • TMJ care

Dr. Kathy’s philosophy is to treat the body as a whole, rather than individual parts—this was the inspiration behind the clinic’s name, Unity Chiropractic, and Wellness Center. This outlook is also what led her to study nutrition extensively, and she is skilled at using neurological nutrition to treat specific disorders. When Dr. Kathy isn’t at the office, she likes to relax by cooking, reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband, 5 children, and cat Milo.

Allison Carlson, DC, CCEP

Dr. Allison Carlson is a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP) from the Council on Extremity Adjusting. She is excited to bring this specialty to the area, as she is one of only 900 chiropractors in the world with this certification. Her goal is to serve, educate and empower the families in our community.

The Council on Extremity Adjusting recognizes that treatment of the whole body requires synchrony between the nervous system and the mechanical control system of the kinetic chain. Subluxations of any joint have both neurological and mechanical components.

Dr. Carlson received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from one of the top 25 Health Science universities in the country, Iowa State University. She’s had extensive education from the leading chiropractic learning institution in the world, Palmer College of Chiropractic, as well as post-graduate certification from the Council on Extremity Adjusting – C.E.A.

C.E.A. certification allows Dr. Carlson to successfully manage and coordinate structural and functional rehabilitation, sports injuries, extremity problems, migraine headaches, pre and post-surgery cases, ADD, chronic sinus and ear infections, and elite-level athletic injury prevention and optimization.

Dr. Carlson is one of only 18 chiropractors in the State of Iowa that is certified to treat extremity conditions and has been given the honor of teaching certification classes in extremity rehabilitation to future DC’s around the world. In the summer of 2010, Dr. Carlson received a certification in Functional Movement Screening and Assessment. This is a great accomplishment as it bridges the gap between the medical community (MD, PT, ATC) and the chiropractic community (DC’s).

Because of her sincere feelings of commitment and compassion for her patients and her belief in the importance of Chiropractic in their lives, Dr. Carlson pledges her loyalty and devotion to the continued education and treatment of those who depend on her and to those who have not yet learned the many benefits of Chiropractic care.

Dr. Carlson currently lives in West Des Moines with her husband and four children.  She is an accomplished triathlete and marathon runner. She has a goal of completing 50 races in all 50 states!

Calvin Gabel, DC, DICCP

My interest in chiropractic began while growing up in rural western Kansas, when chiropractic treatments helped heal me from injuries as I began playing sports. I played basketball at Seward County Community College and finished my undergraduate education at the University of Kansas with a degree in human biology. Attending Palmer College of Chiropractic exposed me to many different techniques and applications of chiropractic, opening my eyes further to the healing capabilities of the human body outside treatment of sports injuries.
In practice, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work in three distinct chiropractic positions, in very different settings. Thankful for all those I have been able to serve, through these opportunities I have gained perspective and been taught many lessons, as I strive to continue learning each day to better serve others into the future.

Stu Hoffman, DC

Julie Mayer Hunt, DC, DICCP

“Being witness to the positive impact my father, Dr. David Mayer, had on so many lives, led me to my chosen career of 30+ years. As a chiropractor, I am both blessed and humbled to be able to help my patients improve their lives on a daily basis. I am honored to have the opportunity to affect more lives by making a positive impact on chiropractic care throughout the entire State of Florida. Also, the future of chiropractic care is near and dear to my heart, as my son Travis has now graduated chiropractic college and joined us in the office.”

Dr. Hunt graduated cum laude from Life University in 1981. She has completed post graduate studies leading to her board certification in Orthospinology, Diplomate status in Chiropractic Pediatrics in 2000, and Fellow status in Cervcio-Cranial Junction Procedures in 2016.

Stephanie O’Neill- Bhogal, DC, DICCP

Stephanie O’Neill Bhogal DC, DICCP did her undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and received her DC degree from Palmer College in Davenport, IA in 2002. She completed her Pediatrics residency at Palmer College in 2005 when she also received her Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (DICCP). After teaching at Palmer College (Davenport, IA) for 15 years, Dr. O’Neill recently relocated to the bay area and is a Professor at Life West serving as a faculty clinician in the Life West Health Center. With 17 years of professional experience, both teaching and in private practice, her focus is on routine and complex pediatric and pregnancy care. Always encouraging students interested in looking after women and children to continue their education with postgraduate studies in pediatrics, Dr. O’Neill also teaches in the ICA Pediatric Council’s DICCP program and presents regularly at national and international conferences. Dr. O’Neill travels abroad frequently to underdeveloped countries with Peak Potential Outreach, a non-profit foundation she and her husband founded to provide healthcare to underserved countries around the world.

Alaina Rowswell- Kulikowski, DC, DICCP

Dr. Alaina Rowswell- Kulikowski has been practicing since 1990, particularly rooted in providing care for children, pregnant women and families. She received board certification by the ICA Council on Pediatrics as a culmination of a 3-year post doctorate degree in 2002. Her gentle adjusting style has helped newborns and families move toward a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic care. “Dr. Alaina’s” goal is to help families from conception to college promote optimal health through chiropractic care. She was recently certified in Pediatric Vojta therapy, helping developmentally delayed children obtain mobility milestones. From colic, earaches, bed wetting, migraines, sleep disturbances and scoliosis, many families have benefited from her service.

Lora Tanis, DC, DICCP