Available Courses

Advances in the Management of Traumatic Injuries: Imaging, Module 3

13 CE Hours
Module 3 will be a detailed overview of the traumatic injuries to the cervical, thoracic and lumbo-pelvic spine. These are the most common injuries that present to the chiropractic office and are often described as “sprain/strain” injuries. Under representing these injuries is perhaps the most common mistake made in chiropractic clinical practice. This course will teach doctors to look beyond the muscle strain and neck pain diagnoses to more thoroughly determine the true extent of soft tissue damage including ligamentous instability, disc injury, facet joint injury, etc., that occur from motor vehicle collisions. Participants will learn proper imaging techniques including analysis for ligamentous instability on X-rays, as well as when to refer for the various types of MRI and CT scans. Proper documentation and a review of applicable clinical practice guidelines will be reviewed to help bolster the clinical decision-making process.

International Subluxation Summit DL II

Up to 28 hours** of CEs from Drs. John Minardi, Dan Sullivan, Anna Olivetti, George Curry, Ian Bulow, Tedd Koren, Beth Zogg, Eric Jaszewski, John Bergman, Julie Mayer Hunt, John Maltby, Deed Harrison, Jay Holder & Jashua Lawlor.


**based on state specifications/ limitations